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Winter Range Site is Live


Check out the new Winter Range Site for the latest information on Rochner Films’ latest documentary project.

About the film: Winter Range tells a dramatic narrative that centers on the conflict between wildlife and people who share the scenic landscapes of the GYA. The film follows cattle producers and wildlife biologists in the Paradise Valley of Montana, just north of Yellowstone, through the 2012 brucellosis transmission season. The central rancher characters will show why brucellosis is a major economic and political problem for those whose livelihoods depend on disease-free cattle. Wildlife managers will also share their experiences with the disease and will reveal why managing brucellosis in elk is a very complex and sometimes draconian task. Brucellosis has forced Montana into a delicate balancing act of preserving the abundance of wildlife that is unique to the landscape while supporting the cattle industry as a crux of the state economy.

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