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I began making films from an early age and my passion grew into a career aspiration after realizing the medium’s ability to offer audiences unique visual and storytelling experiences across multiple platforms. I went on to study film at UC Santa Barbara, graduating in 2007 with a BA in Film and Media Studies and a minor in biology.

In 2010, I was accepted into Montana State University’s Science and Natural History Film graduate program where I honed my skills as a producer/cinematographer in Big Sky Montana with core projects focusing on Yellowstone wildlife and the surrounding ecosystem narratives.

With an eye for artistic, sense-of-place cinematography, I’ve grown passionate for time-lapse photography and other unique ways to capture the world. I have recently worked in Mexico, Argentina, Africa, Canada, Costa Rica, Cocos Island, and the Caribbean as a cinematographer and time-lapse specialist for National Geographic, PBS, BBC, Off The Fence, Nature PBS, and Gorongosa Media Project.

San Diego is my permanent home where I work as a contract producer/cinematographer on both commercial and non-fiction projects.