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Winter Range Featured on Terra Site + Podcast

Winter Range Featured on the Terra Website

Winter Range – RF’s documentary film about brucellosis and the conflict it creates between wildlife and people in the Greater Yellowstone Area – is currently featured on the Terra website and podcast.

Now in its 8th season, TERRA: The Nature of Our World is the award-winning sci­ence and nat­ural his­tory pod­cast series that explores the natural connections that propel life on Earth.

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Biofilm Takes 2nd at the 2012 Element Film Festival

Biofilm Takes 2nd at the 2012 Element Film Festival

Biofilm was awarded second place at this year’s Element Film Festival.

Element Film Festival is an annual event in Bozeman, Montana. It began as a way for student filmmakers of the world’s only MFA program in science and natural history filmmaking to showcase their work to the community. 2010 marked the first year that this festival was open to student filmmakers worldwide. The festival showcases the work of innovative student filmmakers that strive to improve our understanding of science and the natural world through film.

Past Element films and filmmakers have gone on to win numerous awards and recognitions, including National Student Emmys and Tellies; as well as showcased at other highly competitive international film festivals.

This year’s festival took place on November 2 at the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture in Bozeman, Montana, where 16 short films – chosen from a record number of submissions – were screened. Winners were chosen by a panel of six distinguished judges.

Biofilm is a dramatic portrayal and introduction to a relatively new medical problem, which involves antibiotic-resistant bacteria that cause chronic wounds in immuno-compromised patients. While not all biofilm bacteria are harmful, Biofilm demonstrates the impact that these resilient bacteria colonies have on people and illustrates the emotional and physical struggles of an infection. With limited treatment options available to those affected, a biofilm infection can last for up to several months or years and can result in amputation of limbs.

Biofilm is a Finalist in the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards


RF’s Biofilm project is a finalist in the “Best Nonprofessional” category at the Jackson Hole Science Media Awards! This is the inaugural year for the JHSMAs, which recognize excellence in media that best illustrates the wonders of science to a broad audience.

Biofilm is an introduction to a relatively new field of medical research that investigates bacteria colonies known as biofilm. Recent research has shown that biofilm colonies often inhabit wounds of immuno-compromised patients, which consequently result in chronic wounds (wounds that remain open for months and years). Biofilm infections are difficult to treat and can lead to the amputation of limbs.

Final Judging is slated for early September in association with the JHWFF Symposium 2012, hosted at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science from September 5–7. Winners will be announced and honored at a Gala Awards Ceremony and Celebration.

Winter Range on Kickstarter


The Winter Range fundraising page is now on Kickstarter. Contributions will help support the production process, plus, pledges made at designated support levels will earn special recognition and gifts!

Winter Range Site
Winter Range on Kickstarter

Winter Range Site is Live


Check out the new Winter Range Site for the latest information on Rochner Films’ latest documentary project.

About the film: Winter Range tells a dramatic narrative that centers on the conflict between wildlife and people who share the scenic landscapes of the GYA. The film follows cattle producers and wildlife biologists in the Paradise Valley of Montana, just north of Yellowstone, through the 2012 brucellosis transmission season. The central rancher characters will show why brucellosis is a major economic and political problem for those whose livelihoods depend on disease-free cattle. Wildlife managers will also share their experiences with the disease and will reveal why managing brucellosis in elk is a very complex and sometimes draconian task. Brucellosis has forced Montana into a delicate balancing act of preserving the abundance of wildlife that is unique to the landscape while supporting the cattle industry as a crux of the state economy.

Learn More at the Winter Range Site